Heading off on Holiday to Macao is like no other region of Asia. The mixture of contemporary architecture with the traditions of the past, influenced by the combination of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures. This fusion of historic and cultural inspirations, integrated within the modern vibrant city makes a holiday to Macao such an interesting, exciting and unique destination.

From the tranquillity of rural Coloane to the buzz of the city; Macao certainly does offer something for everyone. Here is a taste of Macao, but there is only one way to enjoy this Awesome destination, and that is to get there.

Fireworks display over Macao

The Historic Centre of Macao

I would recommend starting off in the Historic Centre of Macao. This area is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and the perfect place to get a feel for the old Macao. Comprising a collection of over twenty locations commemorating the unique mixture of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures in Macao .

The area offers a variety of attractions including: museums, historical buildings, wonderful food outlets, beautiful beaches, spas, shopping malls, dazzling shows, and activities ranging from golf to hiking to bungy jumping. There is something for everyone to enjoy on holiday in Macao.

Go for a stroll around old Taipa Village. This traditional area of narrow streets, temples, the Taipa Houses Museum, squares and ‘shophouses’ including “Food Street” where you will find some Awesome restaurants. There are two museums that you should include in your itinerary; the Maritime Museum and the Macao Museum of Art.

‘Food Street’ in Macao

Visit the breath-taking A-Ma Cultural Village which is a replica of a Qing dynasty palace. The palace is dedicated to the goddess A-Ma, after whom Macao was named. The nearby A-Ma Statue sits at the top of a 170m high peak with Awesome views over the Pearl River Delta.

The Macao Tower 

The 338m Macao Tower is one of the Macao’s most popular attractions. The tower is listed as one of the world’s tallest towers. From the top of the tower enjoy the Awesome views across the Pearl River Delta, enjoy a selection of unique adventurous and thrilling activities while on top of the world or relax in the revolving restaurant over a scrumptious meal while soaking up the amazing vistas.

Bungy Jump

The AJ Hackett Macao Tower Bungy Jump is 233m / 764ft high, making this jump currently a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world. Jumpers leap from a platform 233m above the ground and experience the ultimate free fall experience before slowing down 30 metres from the ground and rebounding back up.

You will apparently reach speeds of up to 200kmh during a five-second freefall and stretch a 50-metre bungy up to four times its unloaded length. This is not for me, if you do it, let me know how you got along.

Bungy Jump from the Macao Tower

Sky Jump

The Sky Jump are for those who would like to jump from the tower (not me) but are looking for a less scary way than Bungy. Still not for me, but the Sky Jump looks fun and drops you from the Tower’s outer rim to ground level in a 20-second tethered ‘flight’. The Sky Jump is done from the same platform as the Bungy at a chilling 233m/764ft.

Sky Walk

This is more my thing. Strolling around the Macao Tower at 233 meters/764 feet above ground level. There is no hand rail and it is frighteningly high. But your harnessed in and you will get the picture and view of a lifetime as you stroll, tentatively around the rim.

Sky Walk on the Macao Tower

Tower Climb

Finally, not an activity for the fainthearted; the Tower Climb, also known as the Mast Climb. When you have just got to get higher than anyone else; scale the top 100 metres of the tower and stand on the summit of the Macao Tower. You would have conquered Macao’s highest summit at 338 meters/1109 feet. Well done, I am afraid however, I will not be there to welcome you, but Well Done you!


Observation Lounge

The Macao Tower is not just all about adventurous activities. The tower’s ‘Observation Lounge’ is also located at 223m up in the sky. From the sanctuary of the spacious lounge, enjoy the spectacular 360° vistas from behind the three storey reinforced glass windows. From this vantage point take in the entire Macao Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane, and look over to China. Very relaxing.

Dining at Macao Tower

There are a host of food outlets, cafes and restaurants, but I would recommend 360° Café. Apart from the scrumptious cuisine, the views are dramatic to say the least.

Dinner at 360° Café is Awesome with the most stunning views. The restaurant rotates fully every 45 minutes. Enjoy the sunset and watch the skyline change as the lights of Macao come to life. This is truly a unique and romantic experience.

Enjoy a Scrumptious Buffet and Awesome Views from the Macao Tower’s 360° Café

Fisherman’s Wharf  

Fisherman’s Wharf is located at Macao’s outer harbour, within 5-minutes’ walk from the Macao Ferry Terminal and Heliport, this is the largest leisure and themed entertainment complex on the Macao Peninsula. Housed in buildings which imitate the historic and waterside cities from around the world such as: Cape Town, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

The European-themed architectures feature Babylon Casino, a convention and exhibition centre, the Legend Palace Hotel, the Harbourview Hotel, the Rocks Hotel, a marina, numerous dining experiences, shopping and entertainment facilities. This vibrant area of Macao creates an unique and multicultural experience. Great location to cruise around, try the Brasserie De Paristo for an Awesome Dinner Buffet.

Fisherman’s Wharf Macao


With its sparkling city skyline as the backdrop, Macao is alive with entertainment. There are an abundance of bars, clubs, casinos, live music and spectacular world-class shows, Macao is a city that knows how to entertain and it ‘Rocks’. Previous performers include the Rolling Stones and Madonna

There is no shortage of places to party, Macao has a vibrant club scene. The Cubic Club is renowned as one of the best hotspots in Asia. They regularly feature international DJ’s.

If you are a night owl you will be impressed with the nightlife in Macao. From the pubs and bars on the Avenida Sun Yat Sen, to the luxury hotels across the peninsula and Cotai area. For those of you looking for a more traditional, cultural experience, Macao hosts numerous annual festivals, live musicals, cabarets and theatrical performances.   

Dragon Boat Festival in Macao


There are a lot of casinos where you can try your luck. Most are located in the Cotai area or in the southern part of the peninsula.


Don’t pack too much, you will need space in your luggage on the way home if shopping is your thing. Macao offers you a real ‘smorgasbord’ of choice when it comes to shopping. From bustling traditional markets to plush designer malls; uncover everything from luxury branded merchandise to furniture, art and antiques. Spoil yourself with luxury silk clothing or stock up on those Chinese teas.


Macau is renowned for its Awesome Spa’s. Many of the luxury hotels are home to large pools and luxury spas offering extensive facilities. Relax in one of the many saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, relaxation rooms and treatment rooms.

Being Active in Macao

If you need to work off all that fabulous food head off to Coloane. The scenic rolling hills, valleys, quiet villages and sandy beaches is where you will find a relaxing spot to enjoy a range of sporting activities, including; walking and hiking trails, cycling and golf.

The Macao Golf and Country Club is home to an 18-hole, par-71 championship course, which winds across the top of a headland affording golfers a spectacular view over the scenic Hác Sá Beach and the South China Sea.

The tranquil Seac Pai Van Park includes a stunning trail through waterfalls and gardens as well as playgrounds and pavilions, and the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion.

Relax in Coloane

Coloane is Macao’s southernmost land mass, where the lush, green countryside, hills, quiet villages and sandy beaches offer a relaxing alternative to busy northern Macao.

Just a short drive from the bustling city, is the laid-back atmosphere, green hills, small villages and tranquil coastline of Coloane, in the south of Macao, a highlight for many visitors.

Coloane Beach Macao

Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

Come and meet the Awesome wildlife on display at the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion. A pair of red pandas; Luo Luo and Tong Tong, arrived in November 2016. You will also be able to meet the Giant Pandas: Kai Kai and Xin Xin.

Why go to Macao

There’s nowhere else in the Far East like Macao. Its blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture and history is unique. Macao is a truly Awesome destination that will offer you a variety of activities, excellent Macanese cuisine, cultural and historical tours to the relaxing Coloane region.

When the sun goes down, Macao lights up with a dizzying number of bars and nightclubs, as well as glitzy casinos and shows including the spectacular House of Dancing Water, a breath-taking water-based performance.