I really enjoy travelling with Virgin Atlantic, I rate them as a great airline and on my latest educational trip to Cuba they were fantastic. The flight from Gatwick to Havana takes around 10 hours. We took off on-time at 10H15 and we touched down in Cuba at 15H00 local time. If your budget stretches or it’s a special occasion, I would recommend upgrading to premium economy, apart from the additional comfort it gets you onboard the aircraft, it also gets you into the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Well, after check-in, it was off to the Clubhouse to tuck into a ‘Virgin Redhead’ with a delicious British Breakfast. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is such a civilised way to start off a journey.

Best way to Havana

Breakfast at Clubhouse

The service and staff onboard the flight was fantastic; friendly, efficient and most accommodating. In premium economy, the seats are much bigger and more comfortable, I managed a much-needed, four-hour nap. For the rest of the flight there was plenty entertainment available with Virgin’s inflight entertainment including: movies, games, music and TV shows. I boringly opted for a movie about Bitcoin, I am always hearing about digital currency but know very little. Well after watching the documentary, I am still not much wiser. The food offering was really nice; hot and tasty. My only gripe was that they had run out of the beef, I don’t know why they don’t allow people to pre-order that would give them a better idea about what to stock, but hey ho, the chicken was nevertheless, scrumptious. Oh, and the Peter’s Yard sourdough crispbread were delicious.

Best way to Havana

Virgin Atlantic, Premium Economy

The flight was smooth; a little turbulence when we descended towards Havana, but nothing too severe. Our Lady pilot (can’t remember her name) landed the plane superbly. That was when we got our first glimpse of Havana’s Jose Marti’s International Airport. Once inside the terminal building and through immigration I just knew I was gonna love Cuba. Talk about stepping back in time; Cuba is so Awesome. Virgin Atlantic have three flights in season and two out of season from London Gatwick Airport. Get to Cuba, its infectious.

Best way to Havana