Welcome to Barbados, this beautiful island is often referred to as the ‘Little Britain’ of the Caribbean because of its long association with the UK. Barbados is a gorgeous Eastern Caribbean island offering visitors an opportunity to explore beautiful beaches, enjoy delicious cuisine, great rum, and meet the charming locals.

The name “Barbados” comes from the Portuguese explorer Pedro Campos who originally called the island Os Barbados (“The Bearded Ones”), after the island’s fig trees, whose long hanging aerial roots resembled beards. Locals refer to themselves as Bajans. The Bajans are warm and friendly people, always ready to welcome you with a sincere smile. This beautiful island offers culture, history, loads of activities, beautiful scenery and a vibrant night life. But what makes Barbados so special, and why so many visitors keep returning to the island, is its gorgeous beaches.

12 Beautiful Barbados Beaches

Barbados is a coral island, it is mostly a flat with excellent beaches, but there are also rolling hills and many deep ridges and gullies, with an interesting variety of flora and fauna. Along the West Coast are the best beaches for swimming with gorgeous stretches of fine white sand, lapped up by the blue-green sea. Coral reefs fringe the coast providing excellent snorkelling and Scuba Diving. If lying on a beach is not your scene, the East Coast provides a lively surf fed by strong and constant trade winds providing picturesque scenery and a surfing paradise. The constant breeze of the trade winds gives the island a mild and pleasant tropical climate.

Barbados West Coast

  1. Mullins Beach This beach is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of the island. This lovely Barbados beach offers inviting soft golden sand, ideal for a lazy day on the beach.
  1. Gibbes Beach The picturesque Gibbes beach offers one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. The pristine golden sand is framed with soaring trees on one side and a beautiful blue ocean on the other, simply gorgeous.
  1. Paynes Bay Paynes Bay offers safe swimming along a long stretch of fine white sand making this a popular beach. Add to that the possibility of enjoying a swim with turtles in the bay, and it’s a non-brainer. The southern half of the beach is busier, so if you want a quieter piece of paradise, head to the northern side of the beach. 

Bridgetown & South West Coast

  1. Crane Beach A lot of Bajans will tell you that Crane Beach is the most stunning on the island. It is heavenly. The beautiful long and wide beach is framed by palm groves and limestone cliffs. The lovely pink- tinted white sand is arguably one of Barbados’ most stunning beaches.
  1. Brownes Beach Enjoy the calm, turquoise and crystal-clear waters of Browne’s Beach. This beach is very clean and well maintained. Brownes beach is a wonderful beach to just go and chill out. There is something so therapeutic about sitting on beach watching the sunset, listening to the waves lapping onto the beach.
  1. Pebbles Beach This is a beach destination in Barbados where you can easily spend the whole day. You must get to Pebbles Beach early, 6am, and share the beach with the local racehorses exercising on the beach and going for a swim with their trainers, it’s a stunning scene. At the end of the day be rewarded with a breath-taking sunset. 

Barbados South Coast

The beach at Bougainvillea Beach Resort


  1. Carlisle Bay What an exquisite beach, gorgeous white sand leading into crystal-clear waters make Carlisle Bay an idyllic setting. There are loads of activities and plenty of awesome places to eat, great place to be.
  1. Enterprise Beach This stunning beach offers you a piece of paradise alongside the stunning south coast fishing village of Oistins. Also known as Miami Beach, this is a superb beach.
  1. Accra Beach The Accra Beach offers a long arc of spectacular white sand. This is one of the best beaches on the Barbadian south coast.

Beach at Accra Beach Hotel

North West

  1. Heywoods Beach There is a good chance of catching a whale breaching. This beach is stunning and offers calm, clear waters. Heywoods offers a quieter and more relaxing beach scene. The boats in bay provide a picturesque setting. The sunsets are epic. Wear your sandals when you wade into the sea, there are lots of rocks and reef with urchins in some areas.

East Coast

This east side of the island is not just surfers paradise, it’s a stunning scenic part of the island. The huge waves smashing onto the huge volcanic rocks make for many a splendid photo opportunity.  

  1. Bathsheba Beach This beach offers spectacular views of the island. Beware if you want to go swimming there are strong currents that can make swimming here really dangerous.
  1. Soup Bowl I love watching surfers, I can park off all day on the beach watching surfers practice their art. The Soup Bowl is surfers paradise, with huge, consistent waves breaking onto the shoreline. Apart from a surfing paradise, tourists looking for amazing photographic opportunities will be richly rewarded. This eastern side of the island is beautiful, dramatic and offers many scenic drives.

Barbados is Awesome