Planning a tailor-made holiday to South Africa is not an easy task. There is so much choice, so much to see and do, deciding on where to go and what to exclude from an itinerary can be daunting. Travelling to South Africa is rewarding in so many ways, a destination packed with wonderful surprises and scenery.

Even the Hippopotamus will welcome you to South Africa

South Africa is in the same time zone as the UK, with non-stop, direct flights, from London Heathrow Airport. The country offers 1st  world infrastructure with a range of accommodation from budget, through to some of the world’s most comfortable guest houses, exclusive hotels, game-lodges, and resorts.

Oh, and the food; simply delicious. The South African food scene offers a rich variety of cuisine influenced by a smorgasbord of cultures and local menus. The country is endowed with a fine selection of produce sourced from two oceans (the Indian and Atlantic Oceans), an abundance of succulent fruits and vegetables and mouth-watering meats including an assortment of venison. You are in for a culinary treat.

The fertile Winelands of the Western Cape provide a wine list consisting of world-class, multiple, award-winning wines. Apart from superb wines, there are an array of liqueurs, brandies, and superb craft beers and ciders. South Africa is a foodie’s dream destination, boasting outstanding restaurants.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to visit South Africa


South Africa is one of the best adventure capital destinations in the world. There really is something for everyone to enjoy. From awesome diving and snorkelling sites, scenic walking, hiking, and cycling routes, bungee jumping, kayaking, surfing and incredible wildlife safari’s, to name but a few.

Hiking in the Western Cape offers spectacular views


South Africa offers excellent value for money. You will not have to compromise on quality to get value for money in South Africa. The quality of the accommodation, foods, wines and other products and services is seriously good value.


South Africa offers adventurers wilderness in abundance, across numerous different landscapes. This country is geared up for self-drive holidays. With a well-maintained road network connecting every corner of this magnificent land.

A road-trip in South Africa offers many routes through varied terrains ranging from desert to mountains, from scenic coastal drives to stunning bushveld.

A South Africa Road-Trip gives you real freedom to explore


The country is steeped in history, from the origins of man, to the turbulent struggle for freedom and everything in between. Visit the Anglo Boer war sites in Kwa Zulu Natal, visit the Cradle of Mankind in Gauteng, or explore the African rock art in the Drakensberg, Cedarberg or Limpopo.

San (Bushman) Rock Art in the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

Natural beauty

Few countries on earth can match the sheer beauty and diversity that this magnificent country offers. A face for all seasons, an adventure for every day. Enjoy everything from dramatic coastlines to stunning beaches. From desert plains to majestic mountains and tropical bliss.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Rainbow Nation

South Africans are renowned for their hospitality. Wherever you travel you will be struck by the hospitality and kindness of the locals. Enjoy a ‘braai’ (barbeque) and have a ‘dop’ (drink) and be sure to take time to relax and chat to your new mates.

South Africa is home to a rich diversity of peoples and cultures. The country’s African, Asian, and European descendants, creating a truly Rainbow Nation.


South Africa is a leader in responsible tourism. As a visitor, I would encourage you to stay and explore areas which are contributing to local social, conservation and humanitarian projects.

Yes, eco-friendly accommodation, products and services may cost more, but your support will help in the fight to conserve the present for a brighter future.

On Safari in South Africa


South Africa offers many experiences, from food and wine to adventure, stunning game-viewing opportunities to vibrant, cosmopolitan cities. The great thing about a holiday to South Africa is you can easily combine these experiences in your itinerary.

An experienced, knowledgeable travel agent will be able to develop a bespoke itinerary to ensure that you get a holiday of a lifetime in South Africa.

Wine Farm in the Winelands, Western Cape, South Africa


South Africa is a year-round destination. The seasons are the exact opposite to the UK. There are two distinct climates in SA. The Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate with most of its rainfall occurring in the winter. The rest of the country experiences its rainfall during the summer months. The seasons in South Africa are:

  •  Spring is from September-November
  •  Summer is from December-February
  •  Autumn is from March-May
  •  Winter is from June-August


I have saved my favourite reason for last, only joking, its alphabetical. Wildlife is my passion and South Africa is home to a large variety of land and sea creatures, including the world-famous – ‘Big 5’ (Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino). The South African bushveld offers a rich variety of fauna and flora in some of the oldest game reserves in Africa.

Beautiful Male Kudu spotted on safari in South Africa

A tailor-made South Africa holiday can offer you so much diversity; so many Awesome places and experiences, that making a choice of where to go is seriously not easy. Vibrant cities, unique wildlife experiences, incredible adventure opportunities, cultural and historic tours to hiking, and walking trials.

Why not resign yourself to the fact that you will have to visit South Africa again, the Southern African region is an adventurers dream.  

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On a Self-Drive in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Stay in touch, our next South Africa blog post will be coming soon: ‘The Best Time to Visit South Africa’.

South Africa is Awesome